10 Reasons to Use E-Liquids Instead of Cigarettes


The reasons that you should give up cigarettes and make the switch to e-liquids are plentiful. Following are ten reasons you should consider investing in some e-liquids today.

  1. There is no fire associated with the e-liquids, unlike with cigarettes where you risk burning down more that your belongings.
  2. The days of coughing after smoking will be gone as you can easily enjoy vaping without the burn that you get from tobacco.
  3. Once you begin using the e-liquids, you are going to feel a rush of energy as your circulation will begin to improve.
  4. Soon after you make the switch to e-liquids, you are going to discover that you are able to fall asleep faster and stay in that rested state all night.
  5. The price of using e-liquids is far less than you have been spending on the cigarettes. Estimates of $10 packs of cigarettes are already happening.
  6. There is no odor with the e-liquids, so you will notice your clothes, body, carpeting, upholstery, bedding, and curtains, all smell much better.
  7. With the e liquid, you are able to turn on the device and take one hit and turn it off. This is unlike cigarettes where you must smoke them all the way to the butts.
  8. The e-liquids come in a variety of flavors that will satisfy those with the most diverse tastes.
  9. There will be no more burn marks on your fingers or inside your vehicle when your switch to the e-liquids.
  10. The e-liquids can actually be used to help break free from that powerful addiction that the nicotine in the cigarettes currently has over you. 

Now you should have a good understanding why so many are making the move towards the e-liquids and giving up on traditional tobacco based cigarettes.